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Fakhir Mergasori Foundation

Fakher Mergasori

Fakhir Mergasori was a famous kurdish leader who was well known for his struggle for independence, democracy and freedom in Iraqi-Kurdistan. He was born in 1933 in the city of Mergsor which is located in the north east part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

In the end of the 1950's he was politically active. Most of the time was spent working underground in order to escape from persecution. During the 1960's he joined the newly started armed Kurdish opposition movement. He soon became a central committee member of the KDP.

He was a well-liked and a brave leader. In 1970 he was in charge of KDP's fourth area, which involved all of the KDP in the Sulemania-province. Fakhir Mergasori was murdered by his political rivals in 1975.

To honour his memory this foundation has been named after him.